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"Ronin" bundle

"Ronin" bundle

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1 - 4 pack, 12 oz cans of Yuzu Lemon.

1 - 4 pack, 12 oz cans of Grape.

1 - 1.75L bottle 24% abv Yabai shochu.

The possibilities are endless with Yabai shochu. Designed to add the least alcohol "bite" to a cocktail, you can mix it with anything you like to drink! In Japan it is often mixed with sparkling water and fruit juice, cola..even matcha tea!

Want to make an elevated refresher? Infuse our shochu with your favorite fruit for a hour or days and it will take on the flavor of the fruit! Add sparking water and pour over ice for a clean, refreshing drink. We've made watermelon and jalapeno, cinnamon and Fuji apple, pomegranate and blueberry, and many more. Show us what you make! 

For something quick and easy, make your make your favorite soda alcoholic. Just add shochu! Take 1/2 cup of Yabai shochu and mix with a 12 oz can of soda. Boom! It's now 6% abv! Pour over two full mugs of ice. (Our founder prefers Cactus Cooler and 3/4 cup of shochu to make it 9%.)

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