What is Yabai?

Yabai is America's first and only domestic chuhai!

Very cool! Uhm, what is chuhai?

Chuhai is short for shoCHU HIball. In Japan there is no hard seltzer. They've had canned shochu highballs since 1984! Leave it to Japan to have a better version of canned cocktails for nearly 40 years!

What is shochu?

Shochu is a Japanese distilled spirit, much like Korean soju or in our case, vodka. Believe it or not, the shochu market in Japan is over 50% larger than the sake market! Yabai shochu is imported from the countryside of Nagoya, Japan from our 200 year old family owned partner on the Kiso river.

There are two types of shochu, "honkaku" and "korui." Honkaku shochu can be distilled only once. Korui shochu must be distilled multiple times. Yabai shochu is distilled continuously in a rack system. Not 3x or 5x or even 8x like many vodkas. It distilled over and over again until it is as near to tasteless as possible. Alcohol water that can be added to anything you like!

What is Yabai shochu made from?

Yabai shochu starts as 100% Japanese black sugarcane. Here is where it gets a little crazy and is what differentiates Japanese shochu from Korean soju. Instead of using something like yeast to set off the fermentation before distillation, Japanese shochu uses koji mold. Koji is the national mold of Japan and is used in soy sauce, tofu, miso, sake, etc. Yes, Japan has a "national mold."

Yabai shochu also utilizes water from the Kiso river in Nagoya. The granite filtered water is known to be some of the best water on Earth!

Is Yabai gluten free?

Yabai chuhai is gluten free, sugar free, and has zero carbs! Same with our bottled shochu!

The yuzu lemon and grape are so different! What flavors are coming next?

Because chuhai has existed and been refined for 40 years in Japan, there is an endless variety of possibilities. And we at Yabai do our best to put our twist of these varieties, respectfully of course. We have two new flavors we are working on for our 5% line and we will announce them soon. Have an idea? Shoot us an email info@drinkyabai.com

I've been to Japan. When is the STRONG version coming out?!

The first stronger version is already formula complete. We are going through government approvals and expect it to release around Spring 2024. There are some surprises with it and we think it's going to blow minds! It is seriously insanely delicious. Stay tuned...

I have seen Korean soju in restaurants without liquor licenses. Can I serve Yabai in my beer and wine licensed eatery?

Yes! Like Korean soju, Japanese shochu under 24% abv can be served in beer and wine licensees that serve food in CA and NY. This is a great way for a restaurant that only has a beer and wine license to serve spirits! While our bottled shochu is only available on drinkyabai.com, we are working on a cocktail program for interested restaurants in CA and NY which will be rolling out in 2024.

What does "Yabai!" mean?

Kind of...everything? "Yabai" (Yah-bye) is far and away the most popular Japanese slang word and is used almost like an exclamation point. Think we're kidding?

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